About J.W. America, Inc.

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J.W. America, Inc. is a leading Indenting Company dealing in Metal, Plastic and Silicon Scrap as well as Paraffin Wax.

Our company is based in Chino, California with over 6 years experience in the world of international trade.  We have satisfied customers in China, Malaysia, and Korea.

Our Business

J.W. America, Inc. is a world leader in the import / export and trading of metals & plastics scrap, silicon scrap and paraffin wax.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and place great importance on finding the right solution for each individual customer. We look for long term partnerships, and believe our audit proven methods will offer your company unrivalled oppotunitites to increase its returns from scrap metals / plastics, silicon scarps, and paraffin wax.

We guarantee that our commissions are always competitive!